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Gorman Landscape is always striving to solve problems that homeowners encounter in their landscape. This year, members attended an educational seminar to address drainage problems by learning to install the Flo-Well Drainage System.

A Flo-Well is basically a dry well that functions as a septic system in your yard. Unlike a dry well, however, no gravel is used. A Flo-Well unit collects, retains, and discharges storm water on site.

There are several situations that indicate the use of a Flo-Well Drainage System in your landscape:

  • Areas where water pools naturally from storm runoff
  • Areas of excessive water from a sump pump
  • Areas of erosion from persistent flooding

There are many advantages in using the Flo-Well Drainage System.

Drainage problems can be customized to solve problems effectively and efficiently. More than one Flo-Well can be installed, depending on the amount of storm water runoff in the area. Also, the Flo-Well can be combined with an existing dry well to address a change in the conditions of your yard.

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