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Landscape Maintenance Programs

Monthly landscape maintenance programs are available so that you can be assured your lawn and landscape will receive regular attention for the following:

Mulching and flowerbed edging

  • Defines boundaries of flowerbeds
  • Adds color
  • Deters weed formation
  • Improves drainage
  • Improves nutrient and moisture retention
  • Contributes to overall curb appeal by providing a professional appearance

Weed control for both short and long term solutions

  • Physical control: pulling/digging of weeds
  • Chemical control: use of pre and post emergent herbicides

Perennial plant care to improve plant health and encourage blooms

  • Deadheading
  • Dividing
  • Fertilizing

Pruning of both trees and shrubs

Lawn mowing

  • We can schedule you for weekly mowing to maintain your lawn all season

Design and Construction

We can turn your landscape visions into reality.

Do you want to add a colorful floral display to your landscape?
Annual plantings will not only add seasonal beauty to your yard, but also increase the value of your property.

Do you want plantings that will return year after year but still add color to the landscape?
Consider adding perennials to your flowerbeds and gardens.

Do you and your family want to relax and enjoy the outdoors together?
Paver patios will turn your backyard into an outdoor living area.

Do you have a problem with a steep grade or erosion in your yard?
A retaining wall may be the solution.

Is water drainage or standing water an issue in your yard?
Talk to us about drainage systems.

Fire Pits, Paver Patios, Seating Walls

Landscape construction projects can create outdoor entertainment areas for family and friends. Consider adding a fire pit, paver patio, or seating wall to enhance the beauty and use of your landscape. A fire pit on a paver patio, for example, can also include a properly placed seating wall for added enjoyment. A natural gas line can be run to a fire pit so flames can be stoked with just the flip of a switch. Landscape construction projects do require professional expertise, not only for the construction, but also for the design and preparation of your landscape. The added value to your property is well worth the investment in a construction project.



Gorman Landscape is always striving to solve problems that homeowners encounter in their landscape. This year, members attended an educational seminar to address drainage problems by learning to install the Flo-Well Drainage System.

A Flo-Well is basically a dry well that functions as a septic system in your yard. Unlike a dry well, however, no gravel is used. A Flo-Well unit collects, retains, and discharges storm water on site.

There are several situations that indicate the use of a Flo-Well Drainage System in your landscape:

  • Areas where water pools naturally from storm runoff
  • Areas of excessive water from a sump pump
  • Areas of erosion from persistent flooding

There are many advantages in using the Flo-Well Drainage System.

Drainage problems can be customized to solve problems effectively and efficiently. More than one Flo-Well can be installed, depending on the amount of storm water runoff in the area. Also, the Flo-Well can be combined with an existing dry well to address a change in the conditions of your yard.

View our Flo-Well Installation Gallery Here

-Mike Gorman

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